CONVDBKEYS ; No claim of copyright is made with regard to to this code ; ; Convert file in gtm_dbkeys format to libconfig format. Usage ; $gtm_dist/mumps -run CONVDBKEYS [source] destination ; - if not specified, source is environment variable $gtm_dbkeys ; - if source is directory, destination must also be a directory ; - if destination is directory, output file(s) has(have) the same name(s) as source file(s) ; Output files are overwritten ; Anything on the commandline after destination is ignored. ; ; Set error handler to print error message and return error code to shell set $etrap="goto ERROR^"_$TEXT(+0) set:$stack $ecode=",U255," ; the top level entryref is only supported when called from the shell with mumps -run ; new dst,dfile,nparm,sfile,spat,src use $principal:(ctrap=$char(3)) set nparm=$length($zcmdline," ") if 1