You can interact with InfoHub from the shell and from within GT.M. To interact with an InfoHub from the shell, the general command is:

$gtm_dist/mumps -run InfoHub --action=<Action> [--<Action_parameters>[=values]...] [--infohub=InfoHubID|InfoHubName] [--gbldir=/path/to/globaldirectory]

To interact with an InfoHub from within GT.M, invoke an entryref like:

[Tip]InfoHub Internals

^InfoHubConf("GlobalsDirs",$zgbldir) contains the ID of the most recently configured InfoHub.

With a few exceptions, e.g the Actions is "status", "list", or "configure", the underlying mechanism for taking action on an existing InfoHub is to place information in the ^InfoHubActivity global and signal the InfoHubMain service process to invoke its $ZINTERRUPT, which in turn causes it to look in ^InfoHubActivity for instructions on which to act. The action initiating process returns to the operator once it sees an acknowledgement that the InfoHubMain service has taken over the action. Although FIS plans to maintain stability of the published CLI in future releases of InfoHub, without prior notice, FIS may change the underlying mechanism within any InfoHub release.

When starting an InfoHub from the shell command line or from GT.M using the appropriate entryref, the InfoHubMain launches with a JOB command, and control returns to the invoking process once the InfoHub has successfully launched.

[Tip]InfoHub API

More details about the InfoHub API are also documented in the file InfoHub/InfoHub.m. Comments before each entryref describe the input parameters and their types.

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