Information stored in an InfoHub is associated with information Publishers, each of which is specified with a Publisher descriptor. Publisher descriptors follow the InfoHub descriptor and any of its associated Environment Descriptors. While the meaning of "Publisher" is a function of a configuration and its conventions in your organization, it is appropriate for one Publisher to manage the information gathering and dissemination for one environment. This provides the PreExpr, PostExpr, and InfoExpr expressions of FileLine and PipeLine processes with an isolated environment where, if appropriate, they can communicate and cooperate with each other.

InfoHub JOBs a process for each Publisher. This process in turn JOBs processes for each FileLine or PipeLine descriptor associated with the Publisher. The Publisher process may optionally create a temporary directory before launching any processes. Within that temporary directory, it creates a global directory that maps to an unjournaled database in that temporary directory. It logs the name of the temporary directory to the InfoHub database.

The Publisher JOBs the FileLine or PipeLine processes with the following JOB Processparameters:

The syntax of a Publisher Descriptor is:

[Tip]InfoHub Internals

The entryref used to start the FileLine and PipeLine processes includes a parameter for the Publisher process to pass its own global directory, which the FileLine and PipeLine processes use to record gathered information in the InfoHub and to communicate with the Publisher.

After launching FileLine and PipeLine processes, the Publisher schedules itself using HANG commands, periodically waking up to verify that its FileLine and PipeLine processes are active. During the HANG, it requires an interrupt to awaken it.

Configuration processing stores Publisher specification in the following nodes:




This example configures a Publisher called System. This example is a part of the SimpleMonitor.conf configuration file in the ULFM Reference Implementation.

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