To effect a clean InfoHub shutdown from the shell, execute a command like:

$ $gtm_dist/mumps -run InfoHub --action=shutdown 

To effect a clean InfoHub shutdown from within GT.M, invoke the following entry point in the InfoHub API as an extrinsic function:


Although an InfoHub can be stopped with the MUPIP STOP command, FIS recommends against using MUPIP STOP to shut down an InfoHub because it leaves orphaned service processes.


$ $gtm_dist/mumps -run InfoHub --action=shutdown

This example shuts down the InfoHub most recently updated using the current global directory.

GTM>if $$shutdown^InfoHub(7421)

This example shuts down the InfoHub having 7421 as the InfoHub ID.

[Tip]InfoHub Internals

On receipt of a shutdown command (for example, from mumps -run InfoHub --action=shutdown), the InfoHubMain process sends a shutdown message (using the interrupt-based mechanism) to each NoInfo and Publisher process. Each Publisher process in turn sends similar shutdown messages to monitored FileLine and PipeLine processs.

FileLine processs acknowledge receipt, switch their file access mode from FOLLOW to NOFOLLOW with a USE command, continue processing until the end-of-file or Timeout elapses, log their shutdown, and then halt.

For a PipeLine process, the Publisher process sends it "shutdown" message. The PipeLine process sends a "shutdown message" to the PipeCmd process. The PipeCmd process does a READ x:1 at the start of every pass through for data collection. If it reads something as opposed to the 1 second timeout, the sub-process terminates immediately. If the process created by the PipeCmd is a GT.M process, it must READ or WRITE to its principal device in order to detect that PipeLine process has closed the pipe; it should then HALT.

Each Publisher process waits to receive acknowledgement and shutdown completion status from each monitored xLine processes. Only then does it logs its own shutdown, and shuts down. When the InfoHubMain receives acknowledgements from all NoInfo and Publisher processes, it logs its shutdown, and shuts down. The shell command or extrinsic function call then completes.

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