To purge InfoHub entries from the shell, execute a command like:

$ $gtm_dist/mumps -run InfoHub --action=purge --before=<time> [--activity] [--config] [--info] [--all]

To purge InfoHub entries from within GT.M, invoke the following entry point in the InfoHub API as an extrinsic function where 'TIME' is either a Unix time integer and 'options' is a MUMPS variable with subscripts "InfoHubActivity", "InfoHubConf", "InfoHubInfo" set to a positive integer value indicating which globals to purge:



$ $gtm_dist/mumps -run ^InfoHub --action=purge --config --before=\"30-OCT-2013 09:00:00\"

This example removes all InfoHub configuration entries that were added before October 30, 2013 at 9 am UTC.

GTM>set (opt("InfoHubActivity"),opt("InfoHubConf"),opt("InfoHubInfo"))=1 if $$purge^InfoHub(7421,1383138000,opt)

This example removes all entries related to configuration, InfoHub Activity, and InfoHub data that was added before 30-OCT-2013 09:00:00 UTC.

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