[Tip]InfoHub Internals

InfoHubID applies to all elements in a configuration file and is the first subscript for all global variables in the database related to a particular InfoHub, except for the sub-tree that maps global directories to InfoHubIDs using "GlobalsDirs" as the first subscript.

Configuration processing stores InfoHub descriptor information in the following node:


[Tip]InfoHub Internals

Processing a Configuration File is done using a GT.M LOCK on ^InfoHubConf with InfoHubID as a subscript to ensure only one process is handling a Configuration File for an InfoHub at a given time. If the configuration process detects an another process is holding a lock on this InfoHubID for more than 30 seconds, it produces an IHCONFLOCKED error.

The Verbose option for configuration processing generates substantial output that documents how the processing works. This may be useful for debugging some types of configuration problems. If you have a rich configuration, consider building it up in a series of modest increments to make debugging easier.



This example defines an InfoHub called SimpleMonitor. This example is a part of SimpleMonitor.conf configuration file in the ULFM Reference Implementation.

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