The InfoDict [Domain] Descriptor can appear anyplace after the InfoHub Descriptor, except immediately prior to an ENV descriptor, but most logically falls between any InfoHub Environment Descriptors and the Publisher Descriptors. An InfoDict is an organizational container or domain. While InfoDicts are the tool for organizing the schema and behavior of the InfoHub, they do so indirectly, and never appear in the paths of the main storage schema. The syntax of an InfoDict Domain Descriptor is:

InfoDict:InfoDictName:[InfoDictID][:{ParentInfoDictID | ParentInfoDictName}]
[Tip]InfoHub Internals

Configuration processing stores InfoDict domain information in the following nodes:



^InfoHubConf(InfoHubID,"InfoDicts",InfoDictID,BeginningSequenceNumber,a??"Children",a??ChildInfoDictID): this node is only maintained for the current configuration of this InfoHub.



This example defines an InfoDict Domain called GenericDict and places two InfoDict Itemsa??OpLog and AuthLoga??under it. This example is a part of SimpleMonitor.conf configuration file in the ULFM Reference Implementation.

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