ACTCOLLMISMTCH, Global ^gggg inherits alternative collation sequence #nnnn from global directory but database file dddd contains different collation sequence #mmmm for this global

Run Time Error: This indicates that the global gggg inherits collation nnnn from the global directory (globals that span multiple regions inherit collation 0 by default) but the directory tree in database file dddd contains a different collation sequence mmmm for this global.

Action: If nnnn is the right collation sequence to use, fix the database file dddd by using a temporary global directory that maps all names to dddd, extract the global, KILL it, use $$set^%GBLDEF to fix the alternative collation for gggg from mmmm to nnnn, reload the global from the extract, switch back to the regular global directory. If mmmm is the right collation sequence to use, recreate the global directory and define GBLNAME gggg to have that collation instead.

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