REGFILENOTFOUND, Database file DDDD corresponding to region RRRR cannot be found

MUPIP Error: This indicates MUPIP cannot locate the database file DDDD mapped to region RRRR.

Action: Ensure that the current global directory is the one intended and that it maps the file intended. If the path is relative or includes environment variables, ensure that the current working directory and any enironment variable are appropriate. Also ensure the file exists and has authorizations, including its path, that make it available to the user attempting to access it. If the MUPIP command involves a statsDB (for example MUPIP INTEG -STATS), ensure that the appropriate regions have STATS enabled, that the $gtm_statsdir environment variable has been properly defined, and that other processes are using shared statistics, as MUPIP by itself does not create new statsDB databases. Note that MUPIP INTEG does not create statsDB and reports any that it skips with an informational message, but exits with a normal status after such skips.

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