GT.M's plug-in architecture allows you to choose your preferred encryption software. Some plugin errors that you may encounter are as follows:

Database file <path> not found

Plugin error: The plugin is unable to find the specified database file.

Action: Verify that the database file exists, the corresponding entry in the master key file points to the database file, and appropriate authorizations exist in the directory path and the database file.

Encryption handle corrupted

Plugin error: The plugin detected an internal error.

Action: This error indicates that there is a communication error between GT.M and the gtmcrypt plug-in. Replace the process with undamaged one. Report the entire incident context to your GT.M support channel.

Encryption key file <path> not found

Plugin error: The plugin was not able to find the key file on the specified path.

Action: Verify that the master key file entry for this key file points to the correct path. Verify that the key file itself exists. Verify proper authorizations on directory path and file.

Encryption library has not been initialized

Plugin error: A gtmcrypt function was called before gtmcrypt_init().

Action: Call gtmcrypt_init() before calling any other encryption functions.

For more information on the plug-in errors and their fixes, see the documentation of your preferred encryption software.

Appendix B: Reference Implementation Error messages lists some errors that the GT.M team encountered while testing GT.M's plug-in architecture with GNU Privacy Guard, the widely available implementation of Pretty Good Privacy (see "PGP: Pretty Good Privacy" by Simson Garfinkel).

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