EXTRINTEGRITY, Database ffff potentially contains spanning nodes or data encrypted with two different keys

MUPIP Error: MUPIP EXTRACT cannot run because the database file ffff might contain spanning nodes or be partially encrypted with a particular key. Proceeding on a live database in such situation could result in data corruption.

Action: If you encounter this error while running MUPIP EXTRACT with -FORMAT="BINARY", re-run the command with the -FREEZE qualifier. MUPIP EXTRACT requires -FREEZE to acquire stand-alone access to produce a consistent copy of the data. However, not using -FREEZE when you request a MUPIP EXTRACT may produce a loadable, if inconsistent output. If you encountered this error while running MUPIP EXTRACT with ZWR or GO format, it is likely that your database is encrypted with more than one key; with BINARY output it may be multiple keys or spanning node data. If the issue is a key change, run MUPIP REORG -ENCRYPT to complete the encryption of the database. As a final resort, you may use an -OVERRIDE qualifier to proceed on a live database that either contains spanning nodes or is undergoing (re)encryption. Although EXTRACT -OVERRIDE may produce text for analysis, the result is not suitable as input for MUPIP LOAD and FIS highly discourages using -OVERRIDE.

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