REPLNOHASHTREC, Sequence number NNNN contains trigger definition updates. IIII side must be at least V6.2-000 for replication to continue

Receiver Server log/Source Server log Error: $ZTRIGGER() or MUPIP TRIGGER updated a trigger definition in a replicated region, but the replicating instance is running a version that cannot process trigger definitions from this version. Prior to V6.2-000 trigger maintenance actions replicated as data, while V6.2-000 and and later, trigger maintenance actions replicate as logical actions. V6.2-000 can reformat maintenace actions as data for older versions, but the current version cannot.

Action: Use V6.2-000 as a step on an upgrade path from earlier to later versions. Alternatively, if you need to perform trigger maintenance on replicating instances that are on either side of V6.2-000, you must perform them independently on the two systems when replication is off, recording and manipulating the sequence numbers such that you can resume replication.

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