LOCKSPACEINFO, Region: rrrr: processes on queue: pppp/qqqq; LOCK slots in use: llll/kkkk; SUBSCRIPT slot bytes in use: ssss/tttt

Run Time Error: This indicates that the environment attempted more concurrent M LOCKs than the configured LOCK_SPACE for region rrrr can support. pppp processes are waiting on a lock. llll locks are in use. qqqq and kkkk indicate maximum number of process queue entries, and maximum number of locks respectively.

Action: Analyze the LOCK protocol for efficiency. Use mupip set -region -lock_space=size "rrrr" to increase the lock space for region rrrr. To avoid the same problem the next time you recreate the database, use GDE to make the analogous change to lock_space for the segment mapped to the ffff file in the global directory used to MUPIP CREATE this region.

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