JNLTMQUAL3, Time qualifier BEFORE_TIME=xxxx is less than the journal file(s) minimum timestamp=yyyy

MUPIP Error: This error indicates that the -BEFORE_TIME xxxx is earlier than the earliest timestamp yyyy found in the journal file(s).

Action: Issue the MUPIP command again with an appropriate value for -BEFORE_TIME. Note that journal files record time based on a UTC clock, which is time zone independent, while MUPIP interprets time-based input based your local clock and adjusts its actions accordingly. If you use a local clock (in UNIX, set by the TZ environment variable) that is subject to significant shifts, such as between standard time and daylight savings, when the time shifts back (for example, from daylight to standard), the time change may cause this error. One way to address this is to, possibly temporarily, switch your local time setting to UTC.

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