No longer in GT.M since: V5.4-002B

REPLUPGRADEPRI, Attempted operation requires primary instance xxxx to support multi-site replication

MUPIP Error: This error is issued if an attempt is made to start an active source server or activate a passive source server on a propagating primary instance while the receiver server on that instance is connected to a primary that has not yet been upgraded to the multi-site version of GT.M. This error is also issued when the receiver server on a propagating primary finds that the primary it connects to does not support multi-site replication and that there is at least one active source server running on the instance at that time.

Action: An active source server cannot be running on a secondary instance at the same time that the receiver server on this instance is connected to a primary that does not support multi-site functionality. Upgrade the primary instance identified in the message to the version of GT.M that supports multi-site replication functionality and then start active source servers.

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