TPNOTACID, tttt at xxxx in a final TP retry violates ACID properties of a TRANSACTION; indefinite RESTARTs may occur

Run Time Information: GT.M issues this message if it is executing a TP TRANSACTION in the final retry and control gets transferred out of GT.M due to any one of the following three conditions:

Action: Review your code to determine whether the non-Isolated commands can be moved outside of transaction encapsulation. Alternatively, ensure that they are minimally disruptive by using $ZMAXTPTIME to prevent transactions from running unreasonably long times and setting gtm_tpnotacidtime to specify the wait period for long running commands before GT.M logs a TPNOTACID message.

Because a process that gives a TPNOTACID message is in an indefinite restart, it might fail to produce an error indicating database damage should it encounter such an unlikely eventuality. In this case, indefinite restarts do not cause any additional damage.

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