NONTPRESTART, Database dddd; code: cccc; blk: bbbb in glbl: ^gggg; blklvl: llll, type: tttt, zpos: pppp

Run Time Information: This is an informational message for non-TP transaction messages. The frequency of this message can be set by $gtm_nontprestart_log_delta and $gtm_nontprestart_log_first environment variables. dddd is the database the restart occurred; cccc is the code described in the Maintaining Database Integrity chapter of the Administration and Operations Guide; bbbb is the block where GT.M detected a concurrency conflict that caused the restart; gggg shows the global reference within that block; llll is the level of that block; tttt indicates the type of activity that detected the conflict; pppp is the source line where restart ocurred on.

Action: None required in most cases. If the messages are too frequent either investigate the processes that reference to that particular global and its block, or reduce the number of messages by tweaking $gtm_nontprestart_log_delta and $gtm_nontprestart_log_first environment variables.

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