DBNULCOL, XXXX NULL collation representation differs from the database file header setting

DSE/MUPIP/Run Time Error: This indicates the database contains a record with an empty subscript ("Null" subscript) representation that is incompatible with the current setting database file header setting for such a representation. The leading context (XXXX) specifies the block number and offset of the problematic record. This can only arise if someone changes the setting for the database while it contains one or more such subscripts. FIS recommends against making such a change. This message can originate from MUPIP INTEG, DSE INTEG or from running with VIEW "GDSCERT"

Action: Use the record and block information to remove the problematic record with DSE and restore the data appropriately, typically with a SET command. Note that the record and block of the record many change due to ongoing updates, so this operation requires great care and familiarity with DSE.

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