BACKUPKILLIP, Kill in progress indicator is set for file ffff, backup database could have incorrectly marked busy integrity errors

MUPIP Warning: This indicates that one or more active process are performing KILL cleanup in database file ffff. Generally, BACKUP can wait for this to finish in order to get a consistent copy of the database. However, this indicates it waited several minute and is proceeding The resulting backup almost surely contains blocks incorrectly marked busy.

Action: Wait and perform the BACKUP when there are no large KILL operations triggering extensive cleanup. If this is not desirable, fix the errors in the backup copy (reported by an INTEG NOMAP) with DSE MAP FREE. If there are many such blocks you can edit the INTEG output to create a script to drive the DSE operations. Alternatively, if you can get standalone access, to the database you may use DSE MAP RESTORE. Do not use MAP RESTORE on an active database.

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