IOEOF, Attempt to read past an end-of-file

Run Time/MUPIP Error: This indicates that a READ command for a run-time system or a MUPIP command attempted to move past an end-of-file.

Action: Verify that the $ZEOF special variable is tested by the function betwee READs or that an EXCEPTION code string is assigned to handle EOFs. Alternatively, have your $ETRAP (or $ZTRAP) error handling deal with this error. The USE command has a REWIND deviceparameter that allows you to read from the beginning of the file without having to CLOSE and OPEN again, which may facilitate recovery from this error. Attempting to READ from a non-existent file not opened READONLY also causes this error. In the event of a MUPIP error, make sure the file being read is not corrupted.

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