JOBLVN2LONG, The zwrite representation of a local variable transferred to a JOB'd process is too long. The zwrite representation cannot exceed MMMM. Encountered size: LLLL

Run Time Error: This error indicates that the total length LLLL (in bytes) of the ZWRITE representation of the variable name, subscripts, and value exceeds the maximum MMMM supported by the PASSCURLVN facility. Note that the ZWRITE representation contains the appropriate punctuation for any subscripts, the equal-sign and replaces any non-graphic characters with their $[Z]CHAR() representations.

Action: Consider whether the JOB'd process needs the variable(s) that exceed the maximum for PASSCURLVN - if not, they can be taken out of scope before the JOB command. Alternatively, pass them using global variables or a local SOCKET device.

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