ZDIROUTOFSYNC, $ZDIRECTORY xxxx is not the same as its cached value yyyy

Run Time Warning: For performance purposes, GT.M caches the value of $ZDIRECTORY when it is modified using SET command. This cached value is passed to external environment translation routine. GT.M issues ZDIROUTOFSYNC error when $ZDIRECTORY is referenced and its cached value differs from the current working directory. This might happen if an external routine called from GT.M modifies the current working directory and the application does not modify $ZDIRECTORY to the modified directory.


ZSHOW of intrinsic special variables appends ->%GTM-W-ZDIROUTOFSYNC error to the text corresponding to the $ZDIRECTORY if the out of sync condition is detected.

Action: Avoid changing the current working directory except with SET $ZDIRECTORY, or ensure that SET $ZDIRECTORY is used along with the other mechanisms.

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