No longer in GT.M since: V5.4-002B

REPLUPGRADESEC, Attempted operation requires secondary instance xxxx to support multi-site replication

MUPIP Error: This error is issued in three cases. 1) If a source server is currently connected to a dual-site secondary (i.e. a secondary running on a version of GT.M that does not support multi-site functionality), starting additional source servers will issue this error. 2) If a source server finds more than one source server (active or passive) running on the same instance at the time it connects to a dual-site secondary it will issue this error. 3) On a propagating primary instance, a source server that connects to a dual-site tertiary instance will issue a this error at connection time.

Action: Upgrade the secondary instance identified in the message to the version of GT.M that supports multi-site replication functionality and then start multiple source servers.

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