NCTCOLLSPGBL, Database region rrrr contains portion of spanning global ^gggg and so cannot support non-zero numeric collation type

Run Time Error: This indicates that region rrrr contains parts of a global gggg that spans multiple regions according to the current global directory but the directory tree in rrrr indicates gggg has a non-zero numeric collation type.

Action: Spanning globals only support a value of zero for numeric collation (i.e. numbers collate as numbers, not as strings). Access region rrrr using a temporary global directory that maps all names (including gggg) to rrrr, extract the gggg global, KILL it, use $$set^%^GBLDEF to fix the numeric collation to 0, reload the global from the extract, switch back to the regular global directory. An alternative recovery action that does not require extract/load is to change the global directory so gggg is no longer a spanning global or has no mappings into any region that collates numbers using their string value.

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