MERGEDESC, Merge operation not possible. xxxx is descendent of yyyy.

Run Time Error: This indicates that GT.M was not able to MERGE xxxx into yyyy or vice versa, because xxxx is a descendent of yyyy. When merging global variables specifications included extended references, the MERGE command issues a MERGDESC error if any part of the source or target tree, as mapped, is a descendant of the other. In MERGE ^|"x.gld"|a(1)=^|"mumps.gld"|^a there is no error if mumps.gld maps ^a to different database files than those to which x.gld maps ^a(1). A MERGDESC error occurs if any part of ^a as mapped by mumps.gld overlaps any part of ^a(1) as mapped by x.gld.

Action: Modify the routine to avoid MERGE operation between two variables where one is the descendant of the other.

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