MAXBTLEVEL, Global ^gggg in region rrrr reached maximum level

Run Time/MUPIP Error: This indicates that the global-variable-tree for global xxxx reached the maximum level permissible. Very likely, MUPIP REORG was specified with a fill-factor much less than 100. Small fill-factors can cause REORG to revise existing GDS-blocks (in order to accommodate the fill-factor requirement), in turn causing block-splits, which might lead to an increase of the tree height. Alternatively a SET or MERGE has made the global really too large for the current block size, which is most likely to happen with large (spanning) database nodes. Note that if this message does not specify the global name, it means the directory tree for the region hit the limit - FIS believes the directory tree full condition is almost impossible to create in practice.

Action: If MUPIP reorg was specified with a small fill-factor, try higher number (close to 100) to reduce tree-height. Other techniques include increasing GDS-block-size, reducing reserved bytes, killing unwanted portions of the tree or moving some nodes in the global to a different database region.

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