NAMRANGEORDER, Range in name specification nnnn specifies out-of-order subscripts using collation sequence #cccc

GDE Error: This indicates that the range in the name specification is out-of-order. For example yy(10:1) specifies numeric subscripts that are not in order (10 is greater than 1 and so it should have been 1:10 instead). In case of string subscripts, the collation sequence cccc is used to arrive at the subscript representation in the database and this is what gets compared for the left and right ends of the range to determine if they are in order or not. For example yy("a":"g") is in order in case of collation sequence 0 (ascii ordering) but might not be in order if the name yy has a non-zero collation defined and that collation sorts strings in reverse ascii order.

Action: Specify ranges in order i.e. lower end of the range on the left hand side and the higher end of the range on the right hand side.

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