NLRESTORE, DB file header field FFFF: VVVV does not match the value used in original mapping - restoring to: OOOO

DSE Warning: When DSE encounters a internal header field named FFFF whose value VVVV conflicts with the original value OOOO, DSE issues a warning message and uses the original value in order to successfully access shared memory.

Action: Please restore the header fields to their correct values. As a low level database repair tool of last resort, DSE assumes a knowledgeable user, and does no edit checking of input values. Do not use DSE to make routine changes, and do not use DSE to change a parameter if you can accomplish the same goal with MUPIP. As the normal system administration and operations tool, MUPIP has the ability to change parameters you might normally need to change, and it does check that input values are reasonable. Changing fileheader parameters with DSE should normally be performed with stand-alone access. Change fileheader parameters on an open database only under the guidance of an expert GT.M support channel.

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