APDCONNFAIL, Audit Principal Device failed to connect to audit logger

Run Time Error: The facility for logging activity on principal devices is enabled, but is unable to form a connection with its configured logging program. This prevents a process from taking actions configured for logging initiated on its principal device ($PRINCIPAL).

Action: Check to make sure logger program is running and listening/accepting connections. If using a TCP or TLS-enabled logger, make sure the port number the logger is listening/accepting on matches the port number provided in the restriction file. Ensure the provided information (logger's connection info) in the restriction file is correct. Also make sure the line in restriction file is in correct format. If running a TLS-enabled logger, make sure the logger's TLS certificate is signed by a root CA that GT.M is aware of through the GT.M TLS configuration file. Check syslog for more information on the error. After addressing identified issues, restart all processes subject to APD.

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