UPDSYNC2MTINS, Can only UPDATERESYNC with an empty instance file

MUPIP Error: Issued by a Receiver Server started with the -UPDATERESYNC qualifier on a non-supplementary instance or on a Supplementary Instance started specifying the -UPDNOTOK qualifier, when the replication instance file on the Receiver side contains at least one history record. The purpose of -UPDATERESYNC is to unconditionally declare the instance state as a valid state in the set of current and prior states of the originating instance disregarding any history. Note that the receiver server on a Supplementary Instance started with -UPDOK does not issue this error.

Action: Verify that -UPDATERESYNC is appropriate and if so, recreate the instance file to discard the history then reissue the command. If the replication state is not a valid match to some available current or prior state of the originating instance, either do a normal resync or refresh the replicating instance to an appropriate state.

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