JNLSPACELOW, Journal file jjjj nearing maximum size, nnnn blocks to go

Run Time Information: Depending on your settings for ALLOCATION, AUTOSWITCHLIMIT, and EXTENSION journaling options, you may see one to three JNLSPACELOW messages for each generation of a journal file. When the difference between AUTOSWITCHLIMIT and ALLOCATION is an exact multiple of EXTENSION, GT.M attempts to write the JNLSPACELOW message to the operator log three times as a journal file reaches its maximum size. The first JNLSPACELOW message appears in the operator log when the available free space (blocks) in a journal file is equal to twice the EXTENSION, the second appears when the available free space is equal to EXTENSION, and the third appears when the journal file reaches the maximum size (AUTOSWITCHLIMIT). With EXTENSION=0 or EXTENSION=AUTOSWITCHLIMIT, GT.M logs the JNLSPACELOW message only once per journal file to the operator log.

Action: The JNLSPACELOW message is an information message and requires no action. However, you can use the JNLSPACELOW messages as part of monitoring journaling space requirements or as an operational practice to a trigger to intervene in journal file management. Use the frequency of JNLSPACELOW messages to proactively monitor how fast a journal file grows and as part of a monitoring alorithm that helps predict how soon the disk is likely to hit a quota limit.

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