INSNOTJOINED, Replicating Instance RRRR is not a member of the same Group as Instance IIII

Receiver Server log/MUPIP Error: A Receiver Server or a MUPIP JOURNAL -ROLLBACK -FETCHRESYNC on instance RRRR produces this error when it attempts to establish a replication connection with an instance that belongs to a different replication configuration or Group. MUPIP performs this safety check at the time it establishes a replication connection between two instances.

Action: Use the Remote IP Address in the Receiver / Source Server log files or the primary instance name field from MUPIP REPLICATE -JNLPOOL -SHOW command to identify the Source Server that may have inadvertently attempted to establish a replication connection with your Source Server. Shut down the Source Server if the Source Server does not belong to your replication configuration. If you are attempting to move a Source Server from a different Group, reinitialize the Source Server.Note that only supplementary instances started with -UPDOK can accept updates from a different Group.

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