GTMSECSHRTMPPATH, gtmsecshr path is pppp

Information: GT.M displays this message when different users of an instance of GT.M connect using a socket or a semaphore and when gtmsecshr is started and it detects an existing gtmsecshr. pppp indicates the gtm_tmp path set in the clients. Gtmsecshr inherits the path from the first GT.M process that uses its services.

Action: If different clients of the same instance of GT.M are using different gtmsecshr paths, then set a common value for the environment variable gtm_tmp for all users of an instance of GT.M, then stop and restart the processes that were using incorrect paths. If gtmsecshr itself has the incorrect path, all processes that are using that incorrect path must be stopped first - then stop gtmsecshr with a kill command.

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