NOLBRSRC, Object libraries cannot have SRC paths associated

Run Time Error: This indicates that GTM$ROUTINES / gtmroutines or a SET $ZROUTINES attempted to place a source specification (SRC qualifier / source directory path) on an object library.

Action: Remove the source specification. GT.M does not use the qualifier SRC= or source directories on object libraries. On OpenVMS, if you must provide access to source corresponding to objects in an object library, move the objects to a directory. If the objects exist only in the library, use LIBRARY with the qualifier EXTRACT to recreate them. On UNIX, if you must provide access to sources corresponding to objects in the shared library, attach the source directory to an existing object directory entry. Since GT.M does not support automatic recompilations into libraries, care must be taken when providing access to sources of library routines.

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