ZGOTOINVLVL, ZGOTO in a trigger running in mmmm cannot ZGOTO level LLLL

MUPIP Error: A ZGOTO command in trigger logic attempted to specify an inappropriate destination. Currently that is a ZGOTO in a trigger context with a target level of one (1) and an entryref. GT.M does not support such ZGOTO arguments in MUPIP because there is no context outside that of the trigger.

Action: Revise the trigger logic to only use ZGOTO with an entryref within the trigger context of trigger logic. Note that you can ZGOTO out of a trigger, but doing so in MUPIP terminates the MUPIP process. FIS recommends limiting the use of ZGOTO to debugging, error handling and testing. Use of ZGOTO in production code, even for error processing, should always be thoroughly tested.

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