NOMORESEMCNT, SSSS counter semaphore has reached its maximum and stopped counting for database DDDD. Run MUPIP JOURNAL -ROLLBACK -BACKWARD, MUPIP JOURNAL -RECOVER -BACKWARD or MUPIP RUNDOWN to restore the database files and shared resources to a clean state

All GT.M Components Information: The counter semaphore reached its system-imposed limit so GT.M no longer maintains the count. SSSS is either "access" or "ftok" signifying the particular counter type that stopped. DDDD is the database of the corresponding counter.

Action: GT.M will not automatically shutdown the database. To clean the database file header and shared resources after the last process has exited the database file, do an explicit MUPIP -ROLLBACK -BACKWARD (for replicated database files), MUPIP JOURNAL -RECOVER -BACKWARD (for database files that are journaled but not replicated), or MUPIP RUNDOWN (for database files that are neither replicated nor journaled), on the database file DDDD.

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