SIDEEFFECTEVAL, Extrinsic ($$), External call ($&) or $INCREMENT() with potential side effects in actuallist, function arguments, non-Boolean binary operands or subscripts

Compile Time Warning: A side effect expression appeared to the right of a global or local variable (glvn) in an order within an outer expression where the side effect might modify the glvn. Setting the gtm_side_effects environment variable in UNIX or logical name in OpenVMS to 2 (two) activates this check.

Action: Analyze the effect(s) of the side effect expressions, which are $INCREMENT(). extrinsics ($$), external calls ($& or $ZCALL()) as to whether they modify a glvn earlier in the expression. If they do, the setting of gtm_side_effects modifies the behavior and you either need to modify the code to eliminate the side effect interaction or be sure to select the behavior you desire.

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